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Vince Meyer

Vince Meyer takes home First Place.

Sausalito Art Festival 2014

The simplicity of form and graceful elegance of Japanese aesthetics takes center stage in Vince Meyer’s artistic Japanese tables. Meyer specializes in designing and fabricating custom tables using antique and vintage Japanese panels and his own custom welded metalwork. As a metal artisan with 35 years of experience, Meyer has focused the last 26 years on bringing the beauty of Asian artifacts to a wider audience. This expertise has allowed him to turn his appreciation of Japanese art and craftsmanship into his own distinctive compositions.

To look closely at one of Meyer’s extraordinary tables is to take a meditative journey. Finely crafted items originally found in Japanese homes and temples— wooden doors, panels, ranma transoms, screens, katagami — are presented as refined furniture pieces rich with symbolism. Intricately crafted objects evoke the concepts of prosperity, wisdom, strength, and balance.

Meyer searches for, and carefully selects, these architectural gems. It’s the intrinsic beauty of these unique Asian wood creations that is the inspiration for his workmanship. “I love genuine craftsmanship,” Meyer comments. “It has to do with integrity — I just enjoy things that are made with care.”

The transformation of Asian artifacts into contemporary  Japanese tables provides a timeless quality to Meyer’s work. His harmonious, elegant tables complement virtually any decorative style.

Vince Meyer was born in San Francisco, California where he continues to live with his wife and children. He has a degree, with Honors, in Environmental Design from the University of California, Berkeley. His Japanese tables are exhibited throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and are in collections around the world, including Japan.

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